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New song or not

2009-06-16 10:40:17 by gandanome

I've been working on a new jazz/ambient song for some time now but this song it's just
pulling my nerve i want it to be perfect and it is still like a 85% chance of that really hapening
when i say perfect is the music to be perfect to my ears, and hopefully to your's to ahah

So now, maybe the music will come out this month or in the start of the next month don't know

I know i'm a new girl here in the audio portal but i do hope you newgrounders like my type and stile of music :D
if not sorry, i'm not going to change ahah

So happy!!!!!!

2009-01-13 07:39:02 by gandanome

I'm just so happy :D

Posted a song

2009-01-02 13:50:42 by gandanome

This song was from a good friend of mine "epanaosei", we did this song together but
it seem's like he stole music from a guy called Yonderboi, who ever he is, and got "all" of "his" songs deleted and banned forever.
But has i pointed earlier not all the song´s were stolen so i've posted this work of him and mine
enjoy it


oh and he did another song with me called Way In, i'm going to post that to but with the name Way out
just for fun ahahahah

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Get Some Sleep

2009-01-02 12:04:57 by gandanome

So this is 2009 the important is to sleep a lot, go to the beach million times to cacth some waves and listen to lot´s of music´

oh and this picture i went to a reggae festival
it was awsome

Get Some Sleep