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Entry #4

New song or not

2009-06-16 10:40:17 by gandanome

I've been working on a new jazz/ambient song for some time now but this song it's just
pulling my nerve i want it to be perfect and it is still like a 85% chance of that really hapening
when i say perfect is the music to be perfect to my ears, and hopefully to your's to ahah

So now, maybe the music will come out this month or in the start of the next month don't know

I know i'm a new girl here in the audio portal but i do hope you newgrounders like my type and stile of music :D
if not sorry, i'm not going to change ahah


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2009-06-16 10:58:52

Don't apologise for your style lol, just rock out and hope people like it, way out is pretty nice. fully see some experimental animation ontop of it.. nice and slow.. if my to do list wasnt stacked up to my teeth i might have animated it lol =( sorry haha
goodluck with your piece